The most boring sports to watch

 You can watch any type of Sports anywhere from being live at the event or on tv, internet, phone anywhere around the world, but which sports are the most boring?



In some countries, this sport is better than tennis, basketball or football, but most people find it boring and they will say that it is a copy of baseball.


The sport is reserved for the rich people, but for most viewers or players who don’t have passion for it, it is just another boring activity. The players are supposed to get a little white ball in a hole that is distant on the golf court.


If you like calm sports that don’t give you adrenalin nor make you nervous about the final score, then curling is the right sport for you. Most people fall asleep while watching it. A player slides something like a bowl that slowly slips down the track while two people are cleaning the ice. The bowl should reach the target and that is pretty much it.


Even though this sport takes a lot of concentration and practicing, the viewers don’t find it thrilling at all. The competitors need to aim in order to hit the center. Some find it thrilling but most viewers think that this is utterly boring.


This is a team sport that requires tops physical strength and lots of practicing. But besides the racing, there is no bigger competitiveness or roughness in it, so for sport fans who like to watch real fight on the court, this sport seems like a boring one. Still it is counted in one of those sports where the competitors need to have very strong muscles.


Group of people who run for simple recreation doesn’t give most of the viewers some great thrill. Unless it’s a race, then most people vote this sport for a boring one. Even though this discipline is very popular on the Olympic Games, out of there is hardly watched.


If it is not a race, people don’t give too much credit to this sport even though only the physical strength and condition of the cyclists are on a very high level. Tour de France make this sport a real thrilling and interesting experience for the viewers because of the interesting sceneries where the cyclists ride. But, even in this case, this sport got its spot on the list of boring sports to watch.


Most men find the acrobatic choreographies with ribbon or a ball one of the least interesting sports for watching, although people who practice it put a lot of effort, concentration, sweat and tears. The viewers of sports like this are mostly women, but even they according to statistic find this sport not so much thrilling for watching.

Ice Skating

This is a gracious sport, where choreography takes place on the ice. Whether is done in solos or in couples, the ice skating is one of the most demanding and most dangerous sports to practice. The competitors need to be in perfect shape, to have impeccably balanced movements and to be able to do acrobatic movements that require jumps and spirals. Still, most viewers say that this is not a thrilling sport, but rather boring.
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