Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Review Catrin Picton

Tennesee Williams iconic piece hosted at the Apollo Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue is presented in a golden cage, hot, luxurious but increasingly stifling.

Sienna Millers’ Maggie carries most of the second act as she has the majority of the lines and rarely stops to catch her breath, very much imitating the metaphor carried throughout the play – what it must be like to be a cat on a hot tin roof.

Jack O’Connell’s Brick barely leaves the stage but has rare contributions. The reality of his homosexuality and alcoholism come to light in the second act.

The casting is spot on as the play often refers to how Brick and Maggie have not lost their looks and anyone with eyes can see just how good looking both Jack O’Connell and Sienna Miller are.

The fact the play contains regular full frontal nudity from both doesn’t inspire shock but rather melancholy as both are struggling to accept their circumstances.

Colm Meaney, playing Big Daddy, steals the show, clearly understanding the combination of red-necked Mississippi vulgarity and the fear of encroaching death.

A birthday cake and ice are hurled around the stage of velvet carpet the conflict between truth and illusion is made physical.

Overall 3/5

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