How to get Perfect men’s shave

1. Ideally, use a mist-free shower mirror in the shower or use your bathroom sink and start washing your face with warm water. Use a face wash or face scrub for your oily/dry/sensitive skin condition? Do this for several minutes for clean all over your face, then wash of with water.

2. Apply shaving product that’ll lubricate your skin and soften the hairs without drying out your face, use slow circular movements and let the shaving product soak in for several minutes to soften the whiskers.

3. Start shaving your face with the grain, its vital to shave with the grain (especially around the crease of the neck), as it helps to prevent razor burn, skin irritation and ingrown hair (if you try to go against the grain and discover that your skin generally isn’t prone to irritation, then shaving this way is certainly a one-way trip to Smooth City—just be aware that this isn’t true for most people.

4. Another useful thing to remember is to use a fresh razor blade, and run it under hot water before shaving, since a hot blade cuts through hairs like a warm knife through butter.

Don’t fill up the bathroom sink with warm, hot water as may be germ lurking in the basin and this may affect your contact with the razor in soaking the wiskers away. Ideally, use a small plastic tub or mug filled with water. Rinse the front and back of your razor with hot running water after each stroke to remove hair and excess lather.

5. Getting to all the hairs under and around your nose can be a pain, but the best way to shave your upper lip is by making a few passes, as follows. First, curl your top lip inward to stretch out the skin, then shave downwards from your nose. Next, position the razor sideways under your nose and shave outwards horizontally, from the middle out to the left, then from the middle out to the right (almost like you’re cleaning your windshield). Finally, curl your lip once again and shave upwards (the only time we’ll recommend not to shave with the grain).

6. Use small downward strokes once past the jaw until you feel your hair growth change direction. Then, to shave with the grain of your neck hair, flip your blade around and use upward strokes, following the direction of your hair growth.

7. Use small strokes under the sideburns, stopping at the jawline. Then even out your sideburns by making sure the razor is perfectly parallel to the ground: It’s a lot easier to get them the same length if they end in a straight horizontal line, and not curving away in different directions

8. As with shaving the neck, use small downward strokes until hair growth changes direction. Of all the parts you’ll shave on your face, this is the hardest part to accurately shave with the grain, so take your time here. And don’t press too hard: Too much pressure is what causes irritation and razor burn.

9. If you want that overall closer shave then apply more shaving products around your face, let it soak in for several minutes then go against the grain in slow light strokes.

10. As you reach the natural curves on your chin, apply even less pressure to avoid nicks and cuts.

11. Rinse your face with cool water, this removes residual shave lather and helps to close your pores. When finished, pat dry with a clean towel, since rubbing dry can cause irritation and redness.

12. A shave isn’t over when you put the razor down, proper aftercare soothes your skin when it needs it most. Since shaving is a natural exfoliant, make sure you always apply a gentle alcohol-free post shave moisturizer afterwards to put back what you took out by shaving. This will help to soothe, nourish and hydrate your skin. Never use aftershave as this will burn and irritate your freshly shaven skin.

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